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These belong to Oriental (Moldavian) Blend type, that is, the tobacco cultivated on the local territories is mainly used while manufacturing Astra cigarettes.

The cigarettes are produced by that was founded almost a century ago. It successfully keeps the level that is backed by different awards, gained on international exhibitions.

The cigarettes also have their own tradition – they were in demand on the territory of the country, which doesn’t exist any longer, and continue enjoying wide popularity nowadays.

This tobacco product finds a ready market among different categories of smokers. who appreciate the tobacco, which, along with the strong taste, contains a relatively high level of tar, nicotine and has a saturated and flavorful fume.

Astra cigarets are positioned as a not expensive brand; and, despite its price the cigarettes afford their consumers a pleasure of smoking.

The pack of Astra is characterized by a simple and unobtrusive design. Astra has the call on the tobacco market and there are many regular customers who choose Astra.

The brand is presented in 3 varieties: Astra Non-Filtered (70 mm), Astra Filter (80 mm), and Astra Lux (80 mm).