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Creepypastabook Creepypastabook 2 July 2016


I'll be adding most of the taste and flavor section to brand pages.

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Creepypastabook Creepypastabook 1 July 2016

Won't be able till late today

Today I will not be able to start editing until around 10 or 11 pm I will be trying to get every info box updated today to the new one.

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Creepypastabook Creepypastabook 18 December 2015

Hoping to Become Admin

I do plan to adopt this Wiki and hopefully revive it. I plan to open a chat, add more accurate information to the brands pages, remove spam, and all around rejuvinate the Wiki. Hopefully, if I'm lucky, I can build a community in the process where everyone can come together and discuss all things Tobacco.

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