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AquaCig electronic cigarette e-cig

AquaCig electronic cigarette (e-cig)

Electronic cigarettese-cigarettes, or simply e-cigs are electric inhalers that release water vapor, rather than smoke. The water vapor often contains nicotine, because these devices are marketed as a healthier alternative for tobacco smokers. Modern e-cigarettes trace back to a 2003 invention by a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik. Since their debut as a mass-market product, they have grown exponentially becoming extremely popular among younger people and while originally invented for a way to quit smoking, they are also often used for recreation.


Electronic cigarettes are typically housed in long cylindrical aluminum casings -- to mimic the appearance of tobacco cigarettes. The battery, which occupies the majority of the aluminum housing, provides the energy required to heat fine tungsten coils. These tungsten coils provide the heat required to vaporize the liquid contained in the aluminum housing.


Due to the short amount of time E-Cigarettes have been around there is concern around the long term effects of use. Many vape users tout the e-cig as a healthy alternative, while anti-vape crowds aren't so sure. The doubt mainly stems from lack of public knowledge on the contents of e-juice and the variability of ingredients from company to company and juice to juice. Many companies in response to those criticisms have released ingredient lists and some have gone all the way as to explain to entire process of making the juice.

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so now more and more US smokers become vapers,they told us,after



gave up smoking and begin to vape,they feel more health,less cough.and more,the report from Union Of Doctor Health say that vape will save billions people's life,because vape less harm to human.but better no smoking or no vape.