This page is made for people that want to start smoking and don't know exactly how. It is not intended to stimulate non-smokers to start. It also is not intended to affect your health or your pocket money.

Choosing the right brand Edit

If you want to start smoking, first of all you need to choose something more easy to start with. Don't try to use something strong, like Marlboro Red or Rothmans. Choose some slims, like Virginia Slims, Vogue or Glamour. Very good are Parliament Slims. Those cigarettes give you less smoke and are more easy to start with.

If you don't have access to slims, try to use whatever you find.

Electronic cigarettes can also be a good option.

Why it is hard to start Edit

Beginners usually find out smoking to be a hard job. This is because their throat is not used to the smoke. So, when you inhale, you will always cough. Getting over this step is the hardest of all.

Beginners think that they need to take a whole breath of smoke. This is not true. Almost no smoker can do this. They take in some smoke, then they fill the rest of their lungs with air. So, when you start smoking, only take a very small amount of smoke.

The second problem is when you finally convince your throat to accept the smoke in. Your body is not yet prepared for this. All the mixture of nicotine, carbon monoxide and other gasses will get into your body. First time, you will fell dizzy or even you might throw-up.

Smoking lesson for beginners Edit

If you want to start smoking, it is good to take a look at this:

Light-up Edit

First of all, put the cigarette inside your mouth and light it on. You don't need to inhale the first time, it will be hard for you. Just put the flame of a lighter behind it. There will come a time when you will do it right, don't worry.

Mouth inhale Edit

This is fake smoking. Just try to suck from the cigarette. Take the smoke inside your mouth. Now, you will have its taste. I know, for the first time the taste will last for hours in your mouth. Don't worry, you will get used to it and in the end you will not notice it. Nicotine gets absorbed in your body even through your mouth, but in a far smaller amount then it will get through your lungs.

Control over your throat Edit

New smokers try to suck a lot of smoke directly in their lungs. It is wrong. Even the most experienced smokers find it hard to completely fill their lungs with smoke. When you smoke for the first time, take only a very small amount of smoke.

A good way is to do as follows:

  1. First, take out all air from your lungs.
  2. Second step, take only some smoke inside your mouth. Take only as much as can fill a spoon, not more.
  3. Now, take the cigarette out of your mouth and inhale fast by your mouth. First the smoke will enter, followed by a lot of air. This way, the smoke will be inside your lungs. It will be a bit hard, but it is far better then if you try to directly inhale a lot of smoke.
  4. Keep the smoke inside you for a few seconds. This way, all the nicotine will get inside your body. You will be feeling a bit dizzy. Don't worry, you will get used to it.
  5. Now, exhale. You will see that there is no smoke getting out of your lungs. It got diluted in the air, so you will not see it.

It is good if you take only the smallest amount of smoke inside you. In time, you will get to more.

Smoke only half Edit

When you smoke a cigarette, the first puffs are smoother then the last ones. This is because the body of a cigarette works like a filter. So, when you get closer to the end, the smoke will be more concentrated. For new smokers, it is good to smoke only half of the cigarette. For the second half, try only mouth smoking.

Practicing Edit

It takes some practice to become a smoker.

Get the first exhale Edit

In the first days, don't focus on your exhale. It is more important that you get the smoke deep inside your lungs. Patience is needed. As time will pass and you will get more experienced, you will start to see smoke getting out of your throat. This is the sign that you learned how to smoke. Remember that the purpose of smoking is not to exhale huge clouds of smoke, but to take nicotine inside your body.

From slims to classic cigarettes Edit

The best way to start smoking is to first use superslims (probably the best are Parliament Slims). Then, after you smoke a pack of them, go to something stronger, like Virginia Slims Red or Vogue (also red). Finally after you got used to these, you can start smoking something like Pall Mall or Kent. Don't try to directly smoke something strong.

Slowly increase the number of cigarettes Edit

Probably the first days you will smoke one or two cigarettes a day. Slowly, you will get to 3, then to 4 and 5. The amount will slowly grow, until your body will reach an equilibrium. This will come naturally, as your body gets used with the effects of nicotine.

Other problems Edit

Smoking can create a few problems. For example, you will smell of smoke. This is a problem if you are underage and your parents must not know yet. In the first days, you will also have other problems: Smoke will get into your eyes and ash will fall where you don't want to. If you don't watch your hands, a cigarette can make holes in your cloths or in your bed cover. This is because textiles burn when touched by a cigarette.

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