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L&M was first introduced in 1953 by Liggett & Myers. The original slogan of the brand was "American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter. Though very popular in Latin America, they were never very popular in the United States until 2007 when there was a huge demand for budget cigarettes, and still aren't very common in the UK. L&M reportedly are the third best selling cigarette brand in the world and Phillip Morris International hail them as their second best selling cigarette after Marlboro.

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  • Red (Full Flavor) Box - Kings and 100s
  • Blue Pack (Lights) Box - Kings and 100s
  • Menthol Box - Kings and 100s
  • Bold Menthol Box - Kings and 100s
  • Turkish Blend Box (Lights) - Kings and 100s
  • Turkish Night Box (Full Flavor) - Kings and 100s

Puerto Rico[]

  • Red (Full Flavor) Box - Kings and 100's
  • Blue (Lights) Box - Kings
  • Green (Menthol) Box - Kings and 100's


  • Blue Label Box (Lights)
  • Red Label Box (Full Flavor)
  • Just Blue Box (Additive-free Lights)
  • Just Red Box (Additive-free Full Flavor)