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Newport, a menthol cigarette brand founded in 1957 and owned by R.J. Reynolds accounts for 35% of U.S. menthol cigarette sales. They are hugely popular in the African-American community with 49.5% of cigarette purchases by African-Americans being Newports.


Named after Newport, Rhode Island, Newports originally had a minty white filter. By 1969, Newport has made the transition to a standard filter. Their main selling point was the strong menthol flavor that still left room for the taste of the tobacco.By the late-1980's Newports had become the fifth most popular cigarette brand in the United States. Studies in the late 90's and early-2000's showed that, at the time, Newports had the highest amount of nicotine on the market. (Tied with Camel nonfilter.) Over the next decade they continued to raise nicotine levels by 10%.


  • Newport Box (Full Flavor)
  • Newport Box 100s (Full Flavor 100s)
  • Newport Smooth Select (Full Flavor)
  • Newport Smooth Select 100s (Full Flavor 100s)
  • Newport Menthol Blue (Medium)
  • Newport Menthol Blue 100s (Medium 100s)
  • Newport Menthol Gold (Light)
  • Newport Menthol Gold 100s (Light 100s)
  • Newport Non-Menthol
  • Newport Non-Menthol 100s
  • Newport Non-Menthol Gold
  • Newport Non-Menthol Gold 100s

Latin America Exclusives:[]

  • Newport Silver (menthol ultra lights)
  • Newport Freezing Point (10 & 20 count boxes)
  • Newport Midnight Blast

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