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Purchasing cigarettes online is an alternative to purchasing cigarettes/tobacco locally at inflated prices. The reasons these cigarettes/tobacco can be sold at lower prices are:

  • These online stores do not have to pay for rent, utilities or physical facility maintenance
  • The price of the cigarettes are not inflated from taxes and duties due to the fact that they are shipped from abroad
  • These companies generally are bulk buyers, thus the manufacturers sell them the cigarettes at a lower price

The primary benefit of purchasing cigarettes online is the low price, online cigarette stores sell their cigarettes for thirty to forty percent cheaper than purchasing locally. The average pack of Camel cigarettes in New York state can reach $11 a pack. Online you can purchase Camel cigarettes for just $3.28 a pack.

Shipping Method and cost

The most reputable online cigarette store ship their packages registered and track mail, so they are able to keep track of the movement of their customers' orders. Many websites do not even charge shipping for this service but offer it for free.

Confirming legitimacy of online cigarette stores

Legitimate online cigarette stores offer full customer support and communication with their customer support via email, telephone and chat. A method to confirm the legitimacy of an online cigarette store it would be recommended to send an email, wait for a response and then contact their customer support center via telephone with the intent to speak with a physical individual. Beyond the sales support they should be able to offer complete customer support including: creating or changing account information, tracking customers' packages and general queries regarding their products. If the customer support representatives can not answer questions regarding those topics it is a good possibility that the company is not legitimate.

Payment Methods

Although many online cigarette stores implement credit card purchases, this is a high risk form of payment. Credit Cards are easily compromised and can be used to make fraudulent purchases.The safe and a much more secure form of payment used on many legitimate online cigarette stores are E-Check or Electronic Check. The E-Check is such a secure form of payment that even the Federal Government uses it for issuing and receiving payments. In simplified terms the Electronic Check is a paper check that is processed by a secure processing company ensuring the safety of your banking and personal information.

Counterfeit Cigarette warning

When purchasing online cigarette be weary of counterfeit cigarettes. There are a few methods to discern if the cigarettes you are purchasing are legitimate. An automatic red flag would be an extremely low price on premium brand cigarettes. Also companies such as Philip Morris (producers of Marlboro, Parliament, Merit, L&M) have completely ceased the online sales of their products thus a company that does sell them is either offering counterfeit or lower quality cigarettes intended for other markets other than the Western Market (eastern block, south-east Asian market, Middle Eastern marker). These cigarette are very harsh, made with much drier tobacco blends and would not be appealing to someone used to the higher quality cigarettes intended for the American and European markets. Lastly many online cigarette stores that accept credit card could be sellers of counterfeit cigarettes due to the ease in processing.