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Top is a brand of cigarette rolling papers distributed by Republic Tobacco of Glenview, Illinois. Republic


Tobacco paid an undisclosed amount to acquire the brand from R. J. Reynolds in 1987.

Manufactured and imported into the United States from France, Top papers are available in two different styles, regular and 1½ size. Both size variations are sold in virtually identical light-yellow-colored packages with blue lettering, as well as a red and blue top which adorns its center. Top papers are most prevalent in the Midwestern United States, where they are popular within the marijuana-smoking culture. Top also produces a line of cigarette making tools to make rolling cigarettes easier.


  • Papers
    • Top Single Wide
    • Top 1 1/2
  • Tubes
    • Top 100mm Tubes - 1000 Tubes
    • Top 100mm White Tubes - 1000 Tubes
    • Top Tubes - 1000 Tubes
    • Top White Tubes - 1000 Tubes
  • Filters
    • Top Filters
    • Top King Size Filters
  • Rollers, Injectors, and Shooters
    • Top Clear Rollers - 70mm
    • Top Shooter/Injector
    • Top-O-Matic Shooter/Injector
    • Top-O-Matic T2 Tabletop Injector