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A White Ox packet, with the Australian graphic health warning

White Ox rolling tobacco, like Winfield, Stud or Champion is a product catering for the "roll your own" market.

The White Ox in Prison[]

White Ox is a Dark Tobacco making it a stronger smoke.Due to the strength and the cost, White Ox was a popular tobacco in Australian Jails before the new laws banning smoking in All jails. Bullshit (my uncle and his mom smuggled 65 pouches of white ox and 13 punches of jps red into a New South Wales prison.

White Ox and Australian Youth[]

White Ox is also popular with youth in Australia, mainly in Tasmania where it is smoked in bongs and pipes or mixed with cannibis This is due also to its alleged high nicotine content. White Ox produces a strong "headspin" when large amounts are smoked quickly


In Australia a 25g pouch costs $58 to $65.Whilst a 50gm will set you back $115 (Now, 2018 they only come in 25g or 50g pouches. A 25g will set you back on average $45 and a 50g $89 this is due to the high tax on tobacco.)